About a 15 minutes drive away is Obidos. A lot of the buildings and the castle are still from the medievil times. The beautiful little village is surrounded by a massive wall, wich you can walk on. From the wall you’ll have a lovely view into the small alleyways and backyards.
The main road is very touristic and has a lot of shops, where you can buy all sorts of things. A stroll through the backstreets is really nice, as you’ll see the lovely houses decorated with geraniums and bougainvilleas.

Already during the Roman times there was a village here called Eburobrittum. After the decline of the Roman Empire it was in Visigothic hands, until the Moors took over. In the year 1148, Portugals first King “Afonso the first” reconquered the village. King Afonso the second bequeathed the village to his wife as a wedding present. Until the 16th century various Kings followed this custom.

There are various events throughout the year, like the Medieval Fair in Juli or the International Chocolate Festival in March.