A short drive North of Salir do Porto is Nazaré, which is known as a fishervillage and pilgrimage site.

The town consists of three parts, the part along the beach, Sítio and Pederneira. Along the 2km sandy beach you find lots of cafes, restaurants and tourist shops. At the end of the beach a funicular railway takes you up to the old village. Sítio sits on a cliff 110 meters above Nazaré, giving you some spectacular views.

In November 2011, Garrett McNamara broke the record by surfing a 23,8 meter (78 feet) wave in Nazaré. The waves can get very high, as there is a undersea canyon, just off the coast of Nazaré. The Nazaré Canyon as its called, has a max. depth of at least 5000 meters (16000 feet) and is about 230 km (140 miles) long.