20 km northeast is Alcobaça, where you will find the Monastery (Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Alcobaça), which was founded by the first king of Portugal “Afonso, the first” in 1153. In 1989 it was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Inside the church there are the two gothic tombs of Ines de Castro and King Pedro, the first.

Pedro, the son of King Afonso, the fourth, was forced to marry Constance of Castile out of political reasons. But he fell in love with Ines de Castro, a court lady of his wife. His father didn’t like it and ordered Ines to leave the country. After the death of his wife, Pedro got Ines back and they lived near Coimbra.
In 1355, King Afonso hired some assassins to murder her. In rage Pedro revolted against his father, but was defeated about a year later by his father. After King Afonso died ,Pedro succeeded the throne. He had two of Ines murderers tortured and publicly executed by ripping out there hearts.
A legend says, that Pedro later had Ines body exhumed, dressed and placed upon a throne. He then ordered all of his vassals to kiss the hand of the deceased queen.

The Monastery can be visited and has a few impressive premises, like the kitchen with its enormous chimney.